Bitcoin: Three Reasons for Growth

    Причины роста биткоина
    The reasons for the growth of bitcoin

    Can the price of bitcoin again become $ 20,000 or arrange a native and grow immediately to $ 100,000? In this article, we will analyze three ways for the growth of the Bitcoin exchange rate in light of the onset of the unplanned crisis 2020 . How halving will affect the course of the first cryptocurrency, why the current crisis can put Bitcoin above gold and when FOMO appears again.

    In this article, we will discuss how the sales of BTC miners really affect the cryptocurrency market. How much gold is sold on the market and does it really have limited emissions, as promised. And what should be the price of bitcoin in order for a new FOMO wave to start and a native will happen.



    Халвинг биткоина
    Halving of bitcoin

    The countdown to the third bitcoin halving is already going on for days and, as the cryptanalyst B claims, there will be a serious incentive for the price increase, because earlier on the day miners mined about 1,800 new bitcoins, and now their number will decrease to 900 coins:

    Reasons for Bitcoin Growth

    Then emotions will speak for people, and the most important thing for you and me will not be pulling to the last, but in time to take profits. Because the transition from parabolic growth to a new collapse will be unexpected and inevitable. But you still need to live up to those events, so for now you can not really worry about them.

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