Blockstream CEO: Only Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency

    Биткоин криптовалюта
    Bitcoin cryptocurrency

    Blockstream CEO Adam Back interviewed Cointelegraph for him, "nothing (ed. among cryptocurrencies) is of greater value than bitcoin - neither stablecoins nor cryptocurrencies issued by central banks." According to him, the blockchain is incompatible with the management company, which has sovereignty on the issue, and even more so with the states.

    Back also expressed his opinion on Libra. He does not believe that a coin from Facebook can be considered cryptocurrency. By its principle, it is similar to Venmo, PayPal or QQ Pay, just to an interface similar to cryptocurrencies. Comparing Libra with coins of central banks, Blockstream CEO expressed the opinion that the latter have more chances of success.

    In conclusion, Adam Beck said that the real blockchain is only publicly verified, which is Bitcoin.

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