Cryptocurrency news: Bitcoin exchange rate, mining, cryptocurrencies in Germany, Hal Finney on Twitter

    Новости криптовалют в ноябре
    Cryptocurrency news in November

    Some payment systems have already added cryptocurrencies, and this is primarily about bitcoin. But what if we go further and add BTC to the online banking of the most real banks? The German authorities have already allowed their financial companies to do this from January 1, 2020, that is, a month later.

    In addition, today in the final issue of cryptocurrency news we will analyze the bitcoin exchange rate , which took the target at $ 8,200. Let's talk about bitcoin mining and Ethereum [1945] who and how much is earning now. And then we’ll talk about the idea of ​​the Central Bank of Russia to prohibit payments in bitcoins for goods and services. And finally, we pay tribute to the bitcoin hero Hal Finney.



    Курс биткоина
    Bitcoin exchange rate

    After bitcoin price first crashed to $ 6,500 on Monday, the market is confidently recovering . Today, let's talk briefly about the short-term price of bitcoin.

    So far, we see continued formation of the “inverted head and shoulders” figure, which means that the price can go above $ 8,000 and even rise to $ 8,200. But a slightly higher level is the 50-day moving average, which is now in a downtrend and can become a strong resistance.

    It is clear that bitcoin is full of surprises and can literally be pushed forward so that the exchange rate is between the 200-day and 50-day moving averages, and then it will already be possible to make plans to storm the upper border of the downward channel and the market transition in the bull phase.

    However, some real strength among buyers has not yet been observed. Take for example the two simplest indicators - the capitalization of the stablecoin Tether and the popularity of the search query bitcoin on Google. The first shows that since the end of July, new money has practically not come to the market:

    Капитализация стейблкоина Tether 
    Capitalization of the Tether stablecoin

    And according to the Google Trends chart we see that in recent days the popularity of bitcoin has grown somewhat, but it is still almost 2 times less than in May this year, when the market really went up, and 2.5 times less than at the end of June:

    Популярность запроса bitcoin в Google Trends   
    Popularity of the request bitcoin at Google Trends

    Total with us there are no people, no money, so it is not surprising that the market is creeping down for the fifth month in a row.

    POW mining

    PoW майнинг
    PoW mining

    We are used to getting one block of bitcoin every 10 minutes, and for it, miners receive a reward of 12.5 BTC. In fact, bitcoin blocks can be mined faster, provided that the miners increase their capacity, which they do during the whole of 2019:

    Хешрейт биткоина
    Bitcoin hashrate [19459006 ]

    So it turned out that over the past 365 days the miners mined for 17,025 BTC more than planned. This calculation was made by analysts of the TrustNodes portal, and the trick is that the complexity of the bitcoin network is adjusted every 2016 blocks, and if the hashrate goes up all the time, then miners can earn more than expected. What are they, in fact, doing until the terrible halving came, and the block reward was not reduced to 6.25 BTC, which will happen in a few months.

    But things are starting to go wrong for the miners of the ether, not only the price is not happy, but the meanness of Vitalik Buterin in the form of “complexity bomb” again makes itself felt.

    Now it takes about 15 seconds to mine one block, which would reduce the ether inflation by 7%, and should please investors, but mine began to mine 800 coins less every day. Yes, and users are not very pleased with the increased transaction processing time. They need to wait until December 4, this is the approximate date of the Istanbul hard fork - another update on the way to Ethereum 2.0:

    At the same time, mining complexity can be corrected.


    Криптовалюты в Германии
    Cryptocurrencies in Germany

    Now let's talk about more global things. So, Germany, despite being one of the countries that declared war on the cryptocurrency Zuckerberg Libra , decided to seriously engage in bitcoins. Before we had time to write the news about the draft law on giving private banks the right to provide services with cryptocurrencies being considered in the country's parliament, how did they take it and accept it, but why take so long?

    It is about expanding the online banking services that financial institutions in Germany can provide.

    Starting January 1, 2020, buttons for buying or selling bitcoins may appear there, as well as banks will be allowed to store cryptocurrency of their customers.

    While the matter is not limited to one bitcoin, operations with altcoins will also be available to them.

    Of course, we would not recommend keeping bitcoins in the bank, we didn’t create them for that, but the prospect of using cryptocurrencies is as simple as transferring money online - this is really cool. True, it will be somewhere in Germany, and what will happen to us, it is possible that nothing, because the Central Bank of Russia has again turned on the hater mode.

    Ban Bitcoin

    Запрет биткоина в России
    Ban Bitcoin in Russia

    As they say, they wanted state crypto regulation , well, get it, but you don’t need to cry. According to insiders from the Izvestia portal), a draft law on the prohibition of payment of goods or services with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the country is being prepared with the filing of the Bank of Russia and the Federal Financial Monitoring Service .

    There is no official confirmation yet, but the Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance said that if such a bill appears, it will definitely be supported.

    And I want to ask why, why does the country's authorities need this? Only the story with Venezuela, Argentina, Turkey and other countries comes to mind, where, against the backdrop of falling national currencies, demand and turnover of cryptocurrencies sharply increased. We are not going to give a lecture on the Russian economy now, but we do not exclude that bitcoin may want to be banned in advance so that it does not become a competitor to the ruble in the event of a collapse.

    What is most ridiculous is the understanding by the authorities of the absurdity of these measures. They themselves say if people want to settle accounts with each other in bitcoins , then it will be impossible to prevent them. Then why do we need a ban? To show on TV and hope that people listen?

    Cryptocurrency News in November

    Hal Finney’s legacy

    Хел Финни и Биткоин
    Hel Finney and Bitcoin

    This week this part of crypto which hangs out on Twitter, experienced real horror after the announcement of the social network about the desire to delete inactive accounts. And first of all, users defended the account of Hal Finney, who left us in 2014.

    He was the first person to receive a transaction in bitcoins and he is the author of the first tweet about a cue ball:

    Many are sure that Hal Finney, if he was not by Satoshi Nakamoto , at least he worked with him on the team to create bitcoin before the official launch of the network on January 3, 2009.

    Twitter head Jack Dorsey, who, incidentally, is also one of the most staunch and famous Bitcoin supporters, assured the community that Hal Finney’s legacy would remain untouched:

    In the service social network support said that they will not delete the accounts of dead people until they create a special mechanism that will save all historically important messages:

    The Bitcoin community again showed that it should be remembered their heroes and knows how to act together.

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