Cryptoexchanges 2020: “paper bitcoins”, blockchain control, tokenization

    Биржи криптовалют 2020
    Cryptocurrency exchanges 2020

    Bitcoin breaks out of the global triangle, and if everything works out, it can be a signal to the beginning of a real an uptrend that will drive the price of updating the historical maximum:

    Движение цены биткоина
    Bitcoin price movement

    If there is again a false start, then there is every chance take a walk in the direction of $ 6,000. But regardless of the direction of the bitcoin price, cryptocurrency exchanges , which earn regardless of the current trend in the market.


    it is worth recognizing It’s obvious that exchanges are needed by the industry, because without them the industry would not have received such an influx of money that led to new developers and users. But they are not going to stop there and are constantly evolving in order to earn even more on us.

    What are cryptocurrency exchanges doing today and what will they turn into tomorrow?



    Криптовалютные деривативы
    Cryptocurrency derivatives

    What unites banks, brokers, insurance companies, stock exchanges and, of course, crypto? All of them declare that they set a goal to provide their clients with access to financial services. But in fact, they all exist in order to earn money on their customers, and for this they have two ways. The first - trade commissions and paid functions. And the second - reduction of own expenses for processing transactions on the platform.

    And if you go along the second path, then trading crypto derivatives is much more convenient than cryptocurrency . Because transaction processing with the so-called “paper bitcoins” simplifies working with user balances and allows you to set a huge marginal leverage.

    Now the ceiling seems to be at 125x. In addition, the margin - is an additional way of earning by providing borrowed funds, which in fact may not be, because these are cryptodirects. And also remember about pumps and dumps, when the exchange clears deposits of risky traders during the liquidation of their positions.

    BitMEX has been a leader in this market for a long time, but nothing lasts forever. At the time of writing, the daily crypto derivatives trading chart is as follows: Huobi holds first place, Binance holds almost the same position and OKex holds third place. But BitMEX is on the fourth with a result less than one and a half times. And this is not a daily anomaly - according to The Block study over the past six months, BitMEX has lost 50% of the market: