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    Dwarfpool (Dwarfpool) - one of the first pools for mining, which began its work back in 2013. Dwarfpool supports CryptoNight and ETHASH algorithms, while it has a meager list of cryptocurrencies for mining. At the time of writing, the site offers miners mining Monero (XMR), Ethereum BIG (ETH) and Expanse (EXP). However, the service has never been distinguished by a wide variety of coins. The development team focused more on quality rather than quantity.

    Dwarfpool miners are rewarded for two systems: RBPPS (for mining XMR) and HBPPS (for mining ETH and EXP). Dwarfpool's reviews are mostly positive, but some users complain about payout issues.

    If you want to weigh the pros and cons, read our detailed review of Dwarfpool.

    What is Dwarfpool

    Майнинг биткоина в Дварфпул
    Bitcoin mining in Dwarfpool

    Dwarfpool is old , the main advantage of which is the complete anonymity of users. The service does not even require miners to register.

    In addition, the Dwarfpool team notes other benefits of the service:

    • Versatility - the pool supports working with all well-known GPU and CPU miners;
    • Efficient mining - an optimized coin mining system with a minimum reject ratio;
    • Reliable mining - the service uses powerful servers with protection against DDoS attacks located in different parts of the world, any of which can secure an uninterrupted mining process in case of unforeseen circumstances;
    • Support for auto payments;
    • Function for monitoring workers - you will be able to receive notifications by e-mail if your device is disconnected from the server;
    • Detailed statistics.
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    Unlike most other pools, Dwarfpool pays a fee directly to the miner's wallet when the minimum amount is accumulated. Payments are possible, including to exchange wallets.

    The pool holds a commission of 1% for Ethereum mining and 1.5% for Monero, while mining of Expanse tokens is free.

    The official site of Dwarfpool is presented very modestly, without excessive pomp and bells and whistles, so lovers of beautiful pictures will most likely be disappointed.

    The service only supports English, which is by far the main drawback for Russian-speaking users. Nevertheless, the site support service is ready to answer any of your questions 24/7 in Russian, German or English.

    It is also important to note that the use of the site is closed to miners from 16 countries, including Belarus and Crimea.

    Official site Dwarfpool

    How to mine in Dwarfpool

    Майнинг в Dwarfpool
    Mining in Dwarfpool

    To start mining in Dwarfpool, you need to perform a number of steps:

    1. Step 1. Go to the official website of the mining pool .
    2. Step 2. Select a coin to mine.
    3. Step 3. Download and install the mining program.
    4. Step 4. Select a server.
    5. Step 5. Use the wallet address as an identifier for your equipment to view the mining statistics.
    As mentioned above, in order to start mining coins on Dwarfpool, you do not need to go through registration and verification.

    If you are interested in learning more about the features of mining on Dwarfpool, read the full version of the review below.

    On the home page of the site, separate blocks for each cryptocurrency are highlighted.

    Стартовая страница Dwarfpool
    Dwarfpool start page

    When switching to any of the blocks, the user sees detailed information on the extraction of token indicating algorithm , the number of active miners, hashrate, as well as separate data blocks indicating the dynamics of the cryptocurrency rate , mining complexity, recent payments and other information.

    Информационная панель на Dwarfpool
    Dwarfpool dashboard

    Information block with setup instructions requires special attention. In this section, you will find links to recommended mining tools and data for setting up bat files.

    Раздел настройки майнинга на Dwarfpool
    The section for setting up mining on Dwarfpool

    It is through this section that you need to download and install the video card [19459013 suitable for your card ] Software, as well as prescribe the necessary settings, according to the instructions.

    The pool only supports console mining, so you will have to get confused with some points.

    Since an account is not created in the pool, you need to use the wallet address as a login to the installed program, and you can specify an email account or any other password as a password.

    Майнинг биткоина в пуле
    Bitcoin mining in the pool

    By the way, using an email address as a password, you can monitor the operation of your device, receiving automatic Email notifications.

    It should be noted that the developers of Dwarfpool recommend using only electronic mailboxes from the providers gmail.com, yandex.ru, qq.com, yahoo.com.


    At the same time, Dwarfpool does not support working with such popular mailboxes as mail.ru, mail.com, icloud.com, outlook.com and a number of other providers.

    During the mining setup, you will need to select a server. Dwarfpool servers are located in Canada, France, USA, China, Russia. The user can choose any of the proposed ones, but the developers advise to select the server closest to your location as the main one, and set the rest as backup.

    In addition to using e-mail to control the mining process, you can also use applications for your smartphone.

    Unfortunately, the project does not yet have an official application for monitoring the operation of devices, but several worthy developments are available on Google Play , which display mining statistics on Dwarfpool.

    You can also monitor the performance of workers through the site. To do this, simply enter the address of your wallet in the "Worker Stats" field, which is located at the top of the screen. In this section you can see more detailed information on your current hashrate, balance, accruals, etc.

    Настройка мониторинга работы устройств на Dwarfpool
    Configuring device monitoring on Dwarfpool

    It is also useful for new Dwarfpool users to know what is on this mining pool [ 19459013] you can easily be blocked. You can get a ban from the admins of the site for the so-called Pool Hopping . Pool hoping is regarded as cheating in games, and those who want to earn "for free" do not welcome money here, which is quite justified.

    The project team is not particularly active in communicating with its community. On the official page on Twitter , the last post was published more than a year ago. Therefore, to resolve any issues or clarify information, use the technical support button on the website or look for helpers on thematic forums dedicated to the project.

    Setting up Ethereum mining on Dwarfpool

    Майнинг Ethereum на Dwarfpool
    Ethereum mining on Dwarfpool

    Basic information on the Dewfair Ethereum

    • 14259 active workers;
    • Payment of remuneration according to the HBPPS system;
    • Commission of the pool 1%;
    • Auto-output from 1.01 ETH 6 times a day (but can be reduced to 0.01 through the settings).
    Read the full article: Ethereum mining (Ethereum)

    where to start Ethereum mining in Dwarfpool

    Go to the Ethereum mining page .

    The pool has a rather specific interface and it will be difficult for beginners to quickly figure out what's what. But in our Dwarfpool review, we will help you go through all the configuration steps without any problems.

    Of course, it is advisable to start with calculating profitability. The developers prudently created a calculator button in the pool data block, but it refers to an unavailable service. Therefore, you will have to calculate the profitability of mining independently on third-party services, such as Whattomine , RedMiner , etc.

    Стартовая страничка майнинга Ethereum на Dwarfpool 
    The Ethereum mining start page on Dwarfpool

    It is also very important to read the Pool features section on the left side of the screen. Here are the main features of the pool: benefits, the system of accrual of remuneration, commission, etc.

    Installing the miner

    Next, you need to download and install the miner. To do this, scroll to the Ethereum page below and go to the “Getting started Ethereum” section. This section focuses on miner configuration tips and download links.

    Блок информации с настройками майнера для ETH
    Information block with miner settings for ETH

    The developers of the pool advise using ethminer for ETH mining, but users of the pool note that This utility does not always work correctly with Windows.

    Experienced miners recommend giving preference Claymor's Dual Ethereum Miner , which works stably with Windows and Linux, and is also considered the best speed program booty.

    To download the program for mining from the Dwarfpool website, click on the link in accordance with your OS. If you decide to use other software, just download it from a trusted resource.

    As an example, we will take the mining setup using Claymor's Dual Ethereum.


    The downloaded archive with the miner must be unpacked and saved on the computer.

    Configuring the bat file and launching mining

    Пул для майнинга Эфириума
    Ethereum mining pool

    In order to configure the operation miner for the pool, you need to find the bat-file in the list of downloaded files and make some changes to it.

    In our case, the configuration file is called “Start.bat”. Click on the file with the left mouse button and click "Change." You will see a text document. Next, you need to register the pool address, port, server, wallet address in it. Let's consider in more detail.

    “EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool” leave unchanged.

    After -epool we introduce: eth-ru2.dwarfpool.com:8008 , where

    eth-ru2.dwarfpool.com - the address of the pool through the Moscow server. You can choose another server from those offered on the site (Singapore, Melbourne, France, Montreal, etc.), but the developers recommend choosing the server closest to your location;

    : 8008 - the port for mining.

    In the line -ewal we write down the wallet address for withdrawing the extracted coins. By the way, Dwarfpool supports including exchange wallets for Ethereum .

    In the line -eworker we write the name of your device, for example “komp1” .

    In the line -epsw we indicate the password. If you want to have access to monitoring the work of workers via email, specify the email address as a password.

    At the end of the code, write “-allcoins 1” since we can only use one cryptocurrency and you can add the command “pause” so that the miner suspends work if errors occur. The rest of the data in the file is not editable.

    The final version of the code should look like the screenshot below:

     Настройка bat-файла
    Setting the bat file

    Save and close bat file. And after that, start “Start.bat” using the left mouse button. That's it, mining has begun.

    Statistics section

    To view statistics and control the work of workers, enter the address of your wallet in the "Worker Stats" field at the top of the screen.

    Вход в раздел статистики на Dwarfpool 
    Enter the statistics section on Dwarfpool

    You will see a statistics screen where you can see the current balance, money already paid, unconfirmed balance (here coins are collected until the minimum payout is reached), as well as your earnings for the last 24 hours. In addition, detailed information on payments is indicated here.

    Раздел статистики на Dwarfpool 
    The statistics section on Dwarfpool

    In addition, there is a device control screen at the bottom of the page. In the "Sent Hashrate" section, the current speed of your devices is visible. As you can see in the example below, 3 workers are connected to mining, while 2 are working stably (marked in blue), and one worker has failed, it needs to be checked (marked in red).

    Раздел статистики на Dwarfpool 
    Statistics section on Dwarfpool

    Please note, the statistics section may not start immediately at the first entry. Data generation may take about 30 minutes. In this case, just wait a bit and try connecting again.

    Setting minimum payouts

    Добыча Ethereum на на Dwarfpool
    Ethereum mining on Dwarfpool

    The minimum payout for Ethere is set by default on Dwarfpool - 1.01 ETH.

    For most miners, this is too much, so the pool makes it possible to reduce it to 0.01 ETH through manual tuning.

    To do this, you need to go through authorization on the site through the IP address of your device. You can find out the IP address using the site 2ip.ru or in the settings of your computer.

    Now we go to the statistics section and go down to the very bottom of the page to the “Control” block. In the field below, specify the IP address and click the authorization button. By the way, 2 digits are visible in this field - they serve as a hint and should match your real IP.

    Авторизация по IP-адресу
    Authorization by IP address

    If everything is done correctly, you will see a new window where you can specify the minimum payment.

    Настройка минимальной выплаты на Dwarfpool 
    Setting the minimum payout on Dwarfpool

    Next, the system will automatically make payments to your wallet specified in the settings, upon reaching the specified minimum amount. Payments are made up to 6 times a day.

    Mining in Dwarfpool

    Добыча криптовалют в Дварфпул
    Cryptocurrency mining in Dwarfpool

    In addition to mining, Ethereum also supports Dherevar mining service and Expanse. The mining setup itself is similar to Ethereum, but we will go through the main points and differences so that it is easier for you to figure it out.

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    Monero mining

    The basic information about Monero mining at Dwarfpool:

    • 395 active workers;
    • Payment of remuneration according to RBPPS;
    • Commission of the pool of 1.5%;
    • The minimum withdrawal amount is determined by the user;
    • Auto-exit once a day or every 6 hours;
    • There is a transaction fee of 0.0001 XMR.

    You can start your work with the profitability calculator, which is available on the Monero main page. To calculate profit, simply enter your hashrate and click the "Calculate" button. The system will automatically calculate the profit for the day and for the month, while the data is available in terms of the extracted cryptocurrency, USD and BTC.

    Калькулятор доходности на Dwarfpool
    Profitability calculator on Dwarfpool

    In the section "Getting started Monero" there are several miners to choose from: XMrig, xmr-stak, SRBMiner, VulkanXMR. But you can also use other programs. In particular, experienced miners advise using Ccminer .

    Майнинг Monero на Dwarfpool
    Monero mining on Dwarfpool

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