Former US Senator will be arrested for organizing a fraudulent crypto project

    Crypto fraud

    Former US Senator David Schmidt will be arrested for organizing a fraudulent crypto project Meta 1 Coin. Together with Schmidt, a warrant was issued for the arrest of his accomplice Robert Danlap. The court made such a decision after both defendants failed to appear at the meeting, which was held in the form of a video conference due to the coronavirus epidemic.

    A third party to the fraudulent scheme, Nicole Bowler, has not yet issued a warrant because the court is awaiting the fulfillment of previous requirements by April 24th.

    According to the judge, Schmidt and Danlap should be arrested, because in this case "it will be neither burdensome nor effective." As part of the scam Meta 1 Coin, the organizers raised $ 4.3 million, deceiving more than 150 investors.

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