How to make money in 2020

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    The Internet is a place where in our time you can earn quite decent amounts. Almost everyone who actively uses the Internet, sooner or later begins to be interested in the topic of making money. However, one needs an additional source of income. Other - more profitable options that will allow you to leave offline work, while maintaining the usual level of wealth. Well, someone even thinks about changing their lives by organizing their own business on the Internet.

    Fortunately, the network now has a lot of ways to make money, among which you can always find options that are most suitable for your goals and needs. Some of them are available to almost everyone, for others you need certain skills, and in some cases, you will also need start-up capital.

    How to earn money

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    How to earn money

    How to earn money:

    1. Decide on the size of the desired income.
    2. Choose a direction of earnings.
    3. To acquire the necessary skills (or improve existing ones).
    4. Establish a flow of customers (customers).
    5. Fulfill the duties undertaken and receive the due payment.

    But in reality, of course, everything is not so simple. At least one of these steps will take time and effort. As a maximum - also money .

    With the first step, in principle, everything is clear: you need to decide what exactly you want from making money - for example, a small part-time job on the Internet , an average salary, or a stable profitable business. Depending on the desired level of income, as well as on the amount of time that you are willing to devote money to making money, you need to choose the methods of making money (we will describe their varieties below) that are most suitable for the available criteria.

    If it turns out that to make money in the chosen direction, some skills are not enough or they are not well developed, you will have to work on them - take courses, read literature, watch thematic videos, etc.

    It is also advisable to pay attention to your predispositions.

    If you are a creative person and you never liked mathematics, you probably should not choose the profession of a freelancer in programming for earning on the net. It would be better, for example, to pay attention to web design or copywriting.

    When the necessary knowledge is obtained, you can finally proceed directly to making money.

    How to make money online

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    Making money online

    You can earn money on the Internet in a variety of ways, which differ in terms of difficulty and profitability. The simplest options are available to absolutely everyone - for example, receiving payment for viewing ads, clicks, likes, reposts, etc. Also, everyone can earn money from online surveys or by completing tasks on microtask exchanges. True, in this case, the income level will be quite low.

    More complex options like freelancing or earning money from your own website or YouTube channel require the aforementioned leveling of skills and considerable time costs. But on this it is quite possible to earn money for a living.

    If it is not about earning money from scratch, but about getting income from investments, you need to decide how much money you can invest and what kind of profitability you would like to have. Based on these data, you can begin to choose the direction of investment. Stocks, mutual funds , real estate, cryptocurrencies and even highs - investments in any of these categories and many others can bring fabulous profits and serious losses. Therefore, you need to carefully study each option and weigh all the risks.

    But more about that later, but to begin with, let's look at the most basic ways to generate income on the Internet that are available to everyone.

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    Earnings on clicks

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    Making money on clicks

    The simplest category of making money that has existed almost since the inception of the Internet is getting money for clicks. Many sites offer this kind of work and anyone can do it. All you need is a computer or smartphone with Internet access.

    Tasks for making money can be very different - from simple clicks on advertising banners / links and likes / reposts in social networks to more complex actions like web surfing (following the pages of the site according to the specified scheme).

    Usually all the work is done through browsers, but there may be separate applications, for example, showing ads, the viewing of which counts after a click.

    A significant minus of this type of money making is that the payment for such actions is usually quite low . Even if you spend all day on clicks, it’s unlikely that you can earn more than pocket money.

    Cryptocurrency cranes

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    How to make money on cryptocurrency taps

    Another simplest way to make money on the Internet is through crane sites. They can receive cryptocurrency for free for visiting or performing simple actions like pressing a button at set intervals.

    Coins collected in this way can be withdrawn and exchanged for real money. The catch is that you could earn a serious amount with cranes only at the dawn of the birth of cryptocurrencies .

    Now, for each click, only small particles of cryptocurrency are paid, for example, 10 satoshi (0.00000010 BTC). That is, to get at least $ 1, you have to click on the button in the tap 1000 times. And to do this is usually allowed no more than 1 time per hour.

    Therefore, cranes are not particularly suitable as a way to earn permanent income, but they can be considered to earn your first money online. In addition, all kinds of lotteries are built into most cranes, participating in which you can already win more serious amounts.

    Earnings on Online Surveys

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    Making Money on Surveys 

    On the Internet there are now quite a lot of sites that offer their users payment for passing surveys.

    An important advantage of this type of money making is accessibility for absolutely everyone, since no special skills are required, except for the ability to interact with web resources.

    As a rule, we are talking about marketing research, on the basis of which data are collected on the demand for goods / services of certain categories and brands. There are also polls aimed at studying social moods in society.

    This is not to say that this is a very profitable way to make money, because for each survey they usually pay no more than $ 1 , and their number per month on one site usually does not exceed several tens. But for such purposes as replenishing a mobile phone account, it’s quite possible to earn money.

    Although if you register immediately in many services with online polls and put their passage on the stream, in total this can become a source of quite acceptable money making.

    Participation in airdrops and bounties

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    Earning money on airdrops and bounty companies

    Compared to cranes, you can earn a little more by participating in airdrops and bounty campaigns of cryptocurrency projects. In this case, users perform a number of tasks aimed at popularizing the project, and in return receive a reward in the form of its tokens.

    In airdrops, most often we are talking about subscriptions, likes and reposts on social networks, joining Telegram channels and chats, publishing posts and comments about the project and other actions, which in principle take a lot of time to complete. In addition, a referral program is often offered - receiving additional rewards in project tokens for inviting other users.

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    In bounty campaigns, tasks are more difficult - for example, writing and publishing full-fledged articles, as well as creating graphic and video content. True, and rewards in the bounty are often an order of magnitude higher than in airdrops.

    The main problem when choosing this method of earning is finding really promising projects. Since if you participate in all in a row, you will simply spend time on the promotion of fraudulent projects, which in the end will pay nothing.

    In addition, even if you get coins for your work, immediately exchanging them for real money is not always obtained. Usually you have to wait until the project token is added to some exchange where it can be sold.

    And even in this case, you may expect an unpleasant surprise - at the airdrop or bounty stage, the approximate cost of tokens in dollars is usually indicated, which you count on when completing tasks. But in the end, after listing on the exchange, the rate of the coin may be ten times lower than originally announced. As a result, the reward seems to be present, but the sediment on the soul remains unpleasant.

    Nevertheless, if you learn to analyze projects that distribute tokens through airdrops and bounties in order to choose only really promising options, you can earn a few hundred dollars a month on this.

    Bucks and microtask exchanges

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    Getting money for axle boxes

    Among those who are looking for making money on the Internet, sites that are called microtask exchanges or boxes are very popular. On such sites, some users post tasks, while others perform them, receiving a reward for this.

    Moreover, work there can be found for every taste - from simple tasks on clicks, subscriptions, likes, reposts, comments, to more complex ones like registering on sites, installing applications and passing identity verification on exchanges. In fact, all of the above methods of earning are concentrated on the axle boxes.

    The level of earnings for completing tasks on such sites will directly depend on their complexity, the time devoted to them and your skills. If you deal only with clicks, likes and other actions that do not require much effort, you can only earn money for pocket expenses.

    But if you focus on highly paid tasks, for example, on creating video content or performing entire complexes of actions on social networks, it is quite possible to earn 300-500 rubles a day.

    Administration of groups in social networks and instant messengers

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    Making money on social networks

    Interesting enough way to make money. It involves taking on the responsibilities of managing groups on social networks or in instant messengers like Telegram or Viber.

    In this case, most often you will be responsible for the publication of posts, maintaining activity (for example, conducting contests), monitoring the implementation of group rules by its members, punishing violators (for spam, obscene language), etc.

    An obvious plus of this type of money making is suitable for almost everyone who has accounts in social networks / instant messengers, free time and Internet access. The maximum that may be required is to watch on YouTube several videos on the topic in order to understand in general terms what needs to be done. Otherwise, all their duties will need to be clarified in direct contact with the employer.

    You can find relevant vacancies both on sites with ads for remote work, and in similar groups / channels in social networks and instant messengers. The amount of money earned, of course, will be influenced by the availability of work experience. Therefore, for starters, if one of your friends has their own group or chat, it would be nice to agree with them about taking a kind of internship as an administrator.

    Earnings on your own site

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    Making Money On A Website

    Earning revenue from your website is one of the oldest ways to make money on the Internet. Today, the site owner can make money a lot of activities, from advertising to the provision of services and the sale of goods.

    The main thing is that the resource has a stable flow of visitors and a good rating in search engines. To do this, you need to create a site, choose its theme, fill it with high-quality content and optimize it in terms of SEO. Fortunately, to create web resources today it is not necessary to have html programming skills, since there are many designers and platforms that allow you to quickly and easily assemble your own website from templates.

    What direction to choose for your web resource? Everything will depend on your skills, interests and goals. For example, it can be a blog in which you will share your own experience about what you are well versed in (tourism, personal growth, music, cinema, etc.).

    At first, of course, you will need to work hard on filling the site and attracting visitors. But on the other hand, having received a certain audience of readers, it will be possible to quietly post advertisements on the pages of the site, delight visitors with new articles and receive, in fact, passive income.

    Depending on the chosen advertising service, payment may come for clicks of readers on the ads placed on the blog pages or for viewing them (or both at once). The most popular options are Google AdSense and Yandex.Direct. True, in order to earn serious amounts through them, the number of site visitors must be measured in tens of thousands.

    Therefore, you can look for less popular systems that pay more, or sell a place for banners directly to those who need advertising.

    You can also earn money on your site by posting paid links to other web resources in articles. If his search engine ranking is high enough, there will be plenty of people willing to increase their SEO indicators in this way. To search for customers, you can add it to various site directories, as well as register on exchanges selling links (for example, Gogetlinks).

    Another option is making money on affiliate links. To do this, you will need to register in the services that pay for attracting new customers and place the received referral link (or banner) on the pages of your site. It can be various affiliate systems that pay interest on the sale of goods / services, or, for example, cryptocurrency exchanges and binary options brokers , paying a share of their income from attracted visitors.

    About such ways of making money on the site, such as creating an online store or selling information products, will be discussed in a separate section about online business.

    Resale sites and domains

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    Earn money on reselling sites and domains

    A site with a good rating in search engines, a steady stream of visitors, a customized scheme for earning money from advertising and other indicators can always be sold, making a considerable amount of money. True, when it comes to selling your own resource, the profit will be one-time. Indeed, the creation and promotion of a new site takes too much time to put this way of generating revenue on the stream.

    For regular earnings reselling sites is more suitable. In this case, you do not need to spend time creating and promoting a web resource, but you will need to invest your own funds. For example, you can find undervalued sites, buy them inexpensively, work to improve their performance, and then sell them at a completely different price.

    Well, or you can simply engage in direct speculation, buying websites and immediately putting up for sale for an increase of 5-10%.

    Similar profit-making manipulations are also carried out with domain names. For example, you can buy domains in different zones that are consonant with the names of commercially successful companies, and then offer them to buy them from you.

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    To conduct such operations with sites and domains, specialized platforms are used that provide the necessary tools for conducting transactions and act as their guarantor. One of the most popular services of this type in Runet is Telderi .

    Sale of photo and video content

    On the Internet there is an opportunity to make money for those who have a passion for photo and video filming. We are talking about web services (stocks) that act as intermediaries between those who create content and those who are willing to buy it.

    Usually they charge a certain fee for their services, but its size is completely blocked by the opportunity to profitably sell their photos and videos to a huge number of users of the service.

    By the way, artists who create their masterpieces, for example, in Photoshop, can earn in the same way. Graphics created in this way are also in fairly good demand among visitors to photo stocks.

    How to make money on the YouTube channel

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    Making Money on YouTube Channel

    It's no secret that the owners of popular YouTube channels earn very good money. The competition on this site now, of course, is going through the roof, however, if you can offer its visitors high-quality content, you will be worthily rewarded.

    The first thing you need to decide on the topic - educational channels and entertainment are always very popular.

    A good audience is collected by high-quality videos on the topic of online earnings, cryptocurrencies and all kinds of life hacks.

    Also, to create video content that will attract an audience, you will need a good camera and microphone, some editing skills, the ability to write scripts and at least a little acting.

    An alternative to laying out prepared clips can be streams, for example, gaming. In this case, you will need a powerful PC, experience in computer games and the ability to comment excitingly on your actions.

    The main plus of making money on your own channel is the ability to receive money from several sources at once. Firstly, you will receive payment directly from YouTube (for displaying advertisements in your videos), and secondly, if you have enough subscribers, various companies can directly order advertising for your brands.

    Freelance Earnings

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    Making money on freelance

    One of the most common ways to make money on the Internet is freelance. It is based on the temporary provision of remote services on the terms agreed with the customer. Independence is a special charm of freelance, because you can work at any time convenient for you and independently regulate your wages by changing the number of orders taken for work.

    Most freelancers in areas such as programming, design, copywriting and translation. If you already have skills in the listed or any other areas, the business remains small - find a customer.

    The easiest way to look for on freelance exchanges, for example, on Upwork.

    Although they will take a small commission for their services, but the chances of finding highly paid orders on your topic will be much higher than when you search on thematic forums, social networks or Telegram chats. In addition, such sites act as guarantors in the work of freelancers with customers, that is, there should be no problems with paying for adequately completed work.

    Freelance exchanges always have a lot of orders available for execution in many industries, but you can also publish your proposals for the provision of services if you wish. But before you try to take on the first order, you should fill out your profile, not forgetting to detail the skills, prices for services and portfolio (examples of previous work performed).

    If you do not have any special skills suitable for remote work at the moment, you will have to go through the training stage. Freelance in the field of programming and web design, of course, is more attractive, since it is the highest paid, but it can take quite a lot of time and money to get the necessary skills in these areas.

    Therefore, if you set a goal to start earning money online as soon as possible, the first thing you should pay attention to is copywriting (writing texts). In this case, to get the initial skills, it will be enough to take thematic online courses or even get by watching videos on YouTube. After that, with a little practice, you can go for the first orders to exchanges like Advego or

    Also, freelance services include SEO, SMM and SMO promotion services, but because of the specifics of these areas, it is better to separate them into separate subcategories of this type of earnings.

    Providing SEO Services

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    Making Money on SEO Promotion

    A fairly popular direction in Internet earnings is the provision of website optimization services for search promotion. Of course, for this you will first have to thoroughly study the topic of SEO.

    This can be done both independently with the help of materials from the network, and by taking courses. The first option, as a rule, is free, but long, the second is paid, but fast.

    After studying the theory, it is advisable to test the acquired skills in practice, ideally by promoting your own website created from scratch in the search engines. But you can take someone’s web resource for a nominal price or for free, warning its owner that it will be a kind of internship.

    If you can bring the site to the TOP for at least a few search queries, you can start searching for customers. The easiest way is to register on a freelancers exchange (for example, Upwork) and place your ad there. At first, the payment is likely to be low, since its level depends on the rating of the contractor on the site and whether he has a portfolio of previous facilities. In this case, the exchange will take a certain part of your earnings as a commission.

    Or you can directly search for potential customers in various forums on the topic of SEO-optimization, as well as in groups in social networks and chat rooms in instant messengers.

    Earnings on SMO and SMM

    These types of making money online are a bit similar to the previous one. The only difference is that the promotion is not carried out in search engines, but in social networks.

    In the case of SMM, we are talking about the promotion of groups and pages of companies and brands in social networks. In turn, SMO specialists are engaged in optimizing sites for attracting visitors from social networks (for example, placing buttons and widgets for subscriptions, likes, reposts, etc.).

    As in the case of SEO, first these professions, which are quite popular in our time, will have to learn. Then you need to hone the acquired skills in practice. And only after that you can begin to search for customers (through the same channels - on exchanges, forums, in social networks, etc.).


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    Targeting as a way to make money

    Currently, the services of experienced targetologists are particularly in demand, that is, those involved in setting up advertising on social networks, in particular on Facebook and Instagram. The thing is that advertising in these social networks is much cheaper than contextual and at the same time has excellent conversion rates. At the same time, it’s very difficult to figure out how to set up advertising cabinets and learn how to create truly effective campaigns.

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    Therefore, the majority of those who want to advertise their business through Facebook and Instagram hire hired specialists who, by the way, still have a significant shortage.

    The good news is that you can earn between $ 1,000 and $ 2,000 per month on targeting. Bad - in order to master this profession, you will have to undergo specialized training. Ideally, personally with practicing professionals in this matter. But good online or offline

    After completing the study of this profession, you will have to practice for a while on free clients, but in the end, after just 1-2 months, it is quite possible to start receiving the first serious amounts for setting up advertising panels.

    Moreover, unlike many other types of online earnings, you will not have problems finding customers.

    It’s enough to leave several clients satisfied and the fame that you are a good targetologist will instantly scatter across social networks.

    Business as making money

    One of the most difficult types of earnings on the Internet is the organization of your own business. Most often this involves creating a website through which you will sell something - goods, services, courses, etc.

    Starting your own business in an online format is, of course, quite difficult. This will require not only an idea, but also a miscalculation of all stages of creating a business, as well as the costs of their implementation. Also, when choosing a market segment, which will include your business, you need to calculate the level of competition and potential income. These steps will require the services of diverse professionals.

    Some, of course, manage to create a business from scratch and come to success. But such cases are quite rare. Moreover, if you do everything yourself, this process can drag on for a long time. Plus, at many stages, you most likely will not have enough knowledge. Therefore, if there is an opportunity, it is better to hire those who will help in the development of the site, market analysis, content filling, SEO-promotion, etc.

    Consider the three main options for organizing a business on the Internet.

    Online Store Revenue

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    Business organization for making money

    Despite the fact that the niche of electronic commerce has existed for a long time and is very popular, it is never too late to create your own online store. The main thing is to choose a promising area of ​​activity. At the moment, the easiest way to grow your business is by doing:

    • Direct resale of goods purchased from foreign suppliers, including from AliExpress, Joom and the like. Moreover, if earlier it was necessary to create an original website for such purposes, now it’s enough to register on sites like Rozetka, Prom, Avito, etc.
    • Creating your own brand and repackaging niche products purchased from local manufacturers, for example, wallets, covers for car seats or clothing. In this case, for prestige it would be desirable to work through a personal website.
    • Dropshipping, that is, the sale of goods, in which you are only responsible for finding a buyer, and delivery is organized by the direct manufacturer. In this case, you will not need to think about storage, packaging and shipping of goods, and the entire business will work exclusively online.

    The latter option is now especially popular, since a whole chain of time and financial costs is excluded.

    Sale of information products

    Making money on information products
    Making money on information products

    This industry of making money is called the information business, because it is not about selling goods, but information. To be bought, it must be fascinating, unique and solve some problems.

    Most often, information is sold in the form of e-books or videos. But this is the final product for which you need to find a buyer. But to get it, you need to organize the creation of content for which people are willing to pay money.

    In fact, you need to write instructions to solve a problem and then convert it to a video or book. If you have any unique knowledge or skills, you can do it yourself. Otherwise, you need to do rewriting - find useful materials on the network and rewrite them in your own words. Ideally, someone needs to be hired for this.

    To organize an information business, it is best to choose topics that have already been tested and are popular, for example, health, life hacks, earning without investments, family and home, repairs, raising children, self-improvement, psychology, etc.

    In order for the created information product to be well bought, it must contain as little complex terminology and dry theory as possible. Instead, there should be a squeeze of utilities on the selected topic with illustrative examples. In addition, in order to increase your credibility in the eyes of buyers of information products, it is worth mentioning that you have all kinds of diplomas, certificates and certificates from conferences on the topic described (ideally, you should have them).

    Earnings in online courses

    Earn money online for specialist courses
    Earn money online for specialist courses

    Another form of selling knowledge is organizing online courses. In this case, you can’t do just retelling the information found on the network. To organize a profitable business, you have to really become an expert in any industry. Of course, you can sell courses in video format, as described above, but tickets to events organized in the form of “live” online lectures and master classes are much better sold.

    As in the case of the information business, in order to make good money on courses, you need to choose a niche in which solving problems is a very popular request of Internet users. This may be the psychology of the relationship between a man and a woman, the correct upbringing of a child, creating your own business, SEO, SMM, SMO and many other areas.

    Earning money on investing

    Earning money on investing
    Earning money on investing

    One of the most difficult ways to make money on the Internet is investing. The subject of investment can be stocks and bonds of companies, cryptocurrencies, indices, ETFs, futures and many other assets that can be bought and sold through exchanges or brokerage services.

    The principle of making profit is no different from speculating in goods - you will need to buy at a low price and sell at a high price (with the exception of margin trading , where the reverse direction of transactions is possible). The only difference is that all operations are organized through online tools, and the price of assets is constantly changing under the influence of many market factors.

    The result of investing can be both profit and loss. Therefore, to increase the likelihood of the first option, you need to acquire the appropriate knowledge, in particular in the field of technical and fundamental analysis .

    Currently, most investors most often focus on Forex asset trading or cryptocurrency transactions. Moreover, the latter option is becoming increasingly popular, in particular because of the ease of access for beginners to exchanges and the increased volatility of cryptocurrencies , which makes it possible to obtain large profits in a short time (as well as losses).

    Also, in addition to directly trading cryptocurrencies on exchanges, you can choose alternative options. For example, investing in tokens of new blockchain projects during their IEO or ICO campaigns. If you choose a really promising project, you can hope for several hundred and even thousands of percent of the profit. True, the risk of a similar loss is also always present. Therefore, it is worth entering this direction of investment only after carefully familiarizing yourself with the cryptocurrency market.

    As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities to make money. It all depends only on your interests, the availability of free time, knowledge in certain industries and, in fact, the desire to study any area of ​​earnings.

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