Human Rights Organization: stablecoins privacy is very “fragile”

    Конфиденциальность криптовалют
    Cryptocurrency privacy

    The nonprofit organization for the protection of human rights (HRF) issued report with censorship analysis confidentiality of stable coins. The researchers concluded that stablecoin confidentiality is very weak, issuers can freeze user assets, and more than 90% of all stable coins are tracked using Chainalysis tools:

    Отчет HRF о конфиденциальности стейблкоинов
    HRF Report the confidentiality of stablecoins

    However, the HRF report also speaks about the advantages of stablecoins - they not only preserve the value of the asset and have much less volatility than conventional cryptocurrencies, but are also more “democratic” than the US dollar, so ka can "liberate citizens from the harmful effects of state control over the movement of assets and centralized oversight of the payment systems and other banking and non-banking intermediaries."

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