Inflation in the USA in September exceeded the figures for August 2021

    Inflation growth in the USA
    Inflation growth in the USA

    The US consumer price index (CPI) in September 2021 set a new record at 5.4%, exceeding the August figures of 5.3%. Analysts expected the trend to continue in September, i.e. maximum growth of 0.3% to 5.3%. However, instead of that, inflation rose by 0.4% over the month.

    The second indicator, the basic CPI, which does not take into account changes in food and energy prices for the population, rose by 0.2% in September and reached 4% in annual terms, which is in line with analysts' forecasts.

    Against the background of this news, futures for the S&P 500 index fell, while the dollar, on the contrary, strengthened.

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