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US Democrats have proposed to introduce a large tax on billionaires



According to  Bloomberg , the Senate has proposed introducing a "tax for billionaires" that will affect about 700 US residents whose assets are estimated at at least $ 1 billion for three consecutive years or who have income of $ 100 million or more during the same period. According to the authors of the initiative, this could add "hundreds of billions of dollars" to the budget and fund the program of huge social projects to which the Democrats are committed.   

In particular, the bill provides for 23.8% of the growth in the value of traded assets such as stocks and bonds. The same rate will apply to real estate. If you renounce US citizenship, you will need to pay the specified tax on all property. 

Elon Musk commented on this initiative, saying that when the government runs out of billionaires' money, they will come for the middle class and the poorest.  

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