Less than half of Ethereum nodes ready for upcoming Istanbul hard fork

    Хардфорк Istanbul
    Istanbul Hard fork

    Only 41.2% of nodes are ready for the Istanbul hard fork, which will take place on the Ethereum network at block # 9,069,000 approximately December 7:

    Готовность нод к хардфорку Istanbul 
    Readiness of nodes for Istanbul hard fork

    The best results are shown by the popular Parity client, in which 45% of nodes were updated, in Geth those 40%. In good readiness, mining pools and services providing the Ethereum infrastructure (wallets, block browsers) - almost all large sites have prepared for Istanbul. But cryptocurrency exchanges are in no hurry, and at the time of writing, only the not-so-famous Bitso exchange has updated its site.

    You can monitor node updates to Istanbul using the service Ethernodes .

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