How to make money online 2022: 24 proven ways in Russia


    The Internet is the most amazing thing of our time. It allows you to not only watch videos with cats or order pizza at home, but also earn quite real money without leaving your home or even getting out of your chair. Moreover, you can make money on the Internet without investment, education or professional experience. 

    This means that anyone who wants it, whether it’s a housewife, a pensioner or a schoolboy, can sit for several hours in front of the monitor screen and get their (first or extra) money without investing a cent. But here's how to do it and who is willing to pay unskilled online workers, we will describe below. Ready to take the first step towards your financial independence and start making money on the Internet without investing at home?

    How to make money online 2022 - where to start

    How to make money online:

    1. Define your knowledge and skills. 
    2. Register an e-mail and an electronic wallet. 
    3. Get a bank card to withdraw cash. 
    4. Register at a specialized site to search for remote work. 
    5. Start making real money online.    

    Below we will talk in detail about all the nuances of making money on the Internet. 

    To work and earn money on the Internet, you need a few things. If you consider that you are already reading this article, then you have a PC or smartphone with an Internet connection and this is the lion's share of the starter kit. It remains only: 

    • Register an e-mail, it is also “soap” - an e-mail will be required to register on sites and platforms for work. The mail service does not matter, so the choice is yours - it can be Gmail , , Yandex.Mail , Yahoo! Mail or even Rambler
    • Open an electronic wallet - online employers usually pay money to their accounts in EPS (electronic payment systems). Therefore, to get paid, you need a wallet on Qiwi , Yandex.Money , Payeer or WebMoney . The list can be continued for a few more lines, but these EPS are accepted for payment on almost all sites for earnings.  
    • Get a bank card - in order to freely spend honestly clicked ones, it is advisable to withdraw them to a bank card since EPS, although there are payment options, is very limited. It is up to you to decide which bank to receive the card for, well, and you can link it to an electronic wallet after registering it.
    Important! To register and / or obtain the possibility of withdrawing funds from their electronic wallet, verification of passport data will be required. Therefore, prepare a scan or a high-quality passport photo in advance. 

    It is also advisable to buy a pack of tea / coffee to taste, stock up on sandwiches and patience, because making money on the Internet, although it does not require investments, but it takes a lot of time.

    Also, before moving on to the second section on making money on the Internet, we recommend that you review the reviews of the most popular payment systems: 

    Earning on the Internet for beginners without special knowledge 

    Earnings on the Internet on actions is perhaps the most common model of working on the network. requires minimal knowledge and qualifications from the user and, as a rule, does not require any investments at all (even in equipment). Another of its advantages is a huge number of implementation methods, which we will talk about. 

    Tasks on clicks (boxes) 

    Services for:  SeosprintProfitcentrwmmail .


    How much you can earn: from $10/ month.
    What you need to start: mail, electronic wallet. 

    Bucks are called special sites that pay users for performing simple actions - viewing ads, going to a site, reading an email, etc. Often the task can be completed in a few clicks, so these services are also called “clickers”

    Who needs this? People who advertise on these same boxes, tasks or links to go are the owners of the sites or advertisers who promote these sites. To increase the rating and attendance of the resource, he needs regular visitors, and the axle boxes allow you to get them in almost unlimited quantities. 

    Payment in boxes starts from 2 kopecks per click on an advertising banner and up to several (tens) rubles for performing simple tasks like surfing several categories of a site or writing a review.

    The work is simple, but the same type and pay little for it, so it is better to use axle boxes as an additional source of income. 

    Earnings on polls

    Services for:  anketkiEkspertnoeMneniequestionnaire .  
    How much you can earn: from $3/ month on one service.
    What you need to start: mail, a completed application form, electronic wallet. 

    Surveys are a relatively simple and profitable way to make money on the Internet. The user is required to undergo polls provided by the service, expressing his opinion in relation to a particular situation, service or product. The polls are paid by the companies or organizations that order them in order to identify deficiencies in their products or to learn about their attitude, for example, to a political party.

    For the passage of one survey they pay from 30 to 500 rubles. The amount depends on the number of questions and the total travel time.

    If you plan to make money on the Internet from surveys, then you need to consider: 

    • On one site per month, you can usually get no more than 5-10 polls, or even less, because of which income rarely exceeds a couple of hundred rubles. This can be compensated by registering on several services, since they can easily be found a couple of dozen at the first request in the search engine;  
    • The content and number of surveys directly depend on your questionnaire. When registering, questionnaires are asked to fill out a sufficiently detailed questionnaire indicating the type and frequency of purchased goods, average monthly income and other factors. Qualitatively completed application form = simple and profitable reviews. 

    It is also worth noting that questionnaires rarely work with Russian EPS. Payments are mainly made on PayPal or you can buy goods at some online stores for them. Check this moment before registering on the site. 

    Earnings for watching a video

     Services for work:  LikesRockForumokQcomment .  
    How much you can earn: from 20 rubles per day on one service.
    What you need to start: mail, electronic wallet. 

    Most likely, every day you watch on YouTube or in social networks several videos for training, entertainment and tenderness of cats. However, you can earn on this.

    There are sites that pay users to watch the video. For what? The number of views directly affects the rating of the video in the issuance, as well as the profitability of advertising, so video owners often make an artificial boost to the video so that it does not become dusty at the bottom of the YouTube rating. 

    This earnings is simple - just register on one of the above services and watch the videos on offer.

    On average, for 1 viewing of the site, they are ready to pay from 20-40 kopecks to 2 rubles, and it is not always necessary to watch the video in full - often a few minutes are enough. 

    The factor limiting earnings is the same as in the questionnaires - few tasks. Most platforms offer 5-10 clips per day, then 300 clips per month for 40 kopecks = 1200 rubles. This is treated by registering on several sites. 

    If you spend 3-4 hours watching every day, then you can earn up to 10,000 rubles per month under good conditions.

    An exception is unless LikesRock, where when paying at 0, 037 kopecks. per video per day, they offer up to 200 videos for viewing. 


    Yes, be sure to study the terms of payment per view - this may be an open YouTube profile, a certain number of subscribers or another requirement. The videos are usually viewed in a special window on the site itself and in case of violation of this requirement, payment is not charged. 

    Download and install mobile applicationss

    Services for work:  Easy CashPayForInstallMoneyApp .  
    How much you can earn: from 50 rubles per day. 


    What you need to start: a smartphone, access to the application store, electronic wallet.

    Another simple and relatively profitable way to make money on the Internet for smartphone owners. The user can download the application (in the header), which will pay for installing other applications and performing additional actions. Typically for:

    • Installing a game or application;
    • Feedback;
    • Positive assessment;
    • Repeated visit after n days.

    You can earn from 4 to 12 rubles (although in advertising they offer at least 25). The advantage of the method is that, for example, in an hour you can easily install and evaluate 10-20 applications. The downside is that usually on platforms either there are not enough tasks or there is a limit on their number per day.

    Also, let's not forget that you need to keep installed applications on your smartphone for a week, or even longer - not too convenient. 

    The terms of the assignment are provided in the program for earning - this is either downloading the application via a direct link or manually searching for it or compiling feedback on key requests. Rarely do they offer complex tasks - for example, not just installing a game, but also reaching a certain level in it, but they cost more - up to 25 rubles.

    For a month of work on one such platform it’s unlikely to earn more than 300-400 rubles, but at least this is enough to replenish the phone. 

    What is this for? Yes, for the same reason why watching videos or clicks on advertising - downloads and reviews increase the rating of the application and its place in the issuance of key requests. Well, and more users - advertising costs more.

    Earnings on games 

    Services for work:  SteamTwitch , specific games.  
    How much you can earn: no standards.
    What you need to start: a powerful PC, access to the game, mail, an electronic wallet, and possibly additional equipment. 

    Probably the only way to make money on the Internet in the “no investment” category in which you still need to make some investments, for example, in a powerful gaming computer or laptop. However, the gaming industry is so developed that it provides a range of tools for making money. Here are just the most popular: 

    • Economic games are MMOs, browser, client and even mobile games, the economy of which is connected with real means. For example, you buy an item for real money , this item produces something that can then be converted back into money, and get more than what was invested. Examples of such games include Golden Mines , Rich Birds, and Age of Clones
    • Selling items / accounts - the method is relevant for almost all MMOs and especially for RPGs. It is in these games that a large number of items are provided that give players additional benefits and for which many are willing to pay. You can get these items either by playing on your own or by re-buying from other players. They sell items either through Steam or through third-party trading platforms like Steambroker . Pumping accounts on an industrial scale for the purpose of further resale can bring even greater revenues, but will take longer, in addition, officially reselling accounts is prohibited in most games; 
    • Streaming - if not just playing, but broadcasting it on YouTube or Twitch, then you can also make good money. Gamers-streamers receive income from ad impressions, paid subscriptions, and sometimes just from grateful viewers. True, for this method you need a good PC (so that without lags and friezes) and a high-quality microphone so that viewers do not listen to noise cracking and rustling when watching a video. This, by the way, is one of the most profitable, if not the most profitable way to earn money on games, which allows you to reach tens (and hundreds) of thousands of rubles a month; 
    • Pumping and helping newcomers is also boosting and driving. These are services for pumping another person’s game account and / or training. There are even services of “virtual bodyguards” - when a player is ready to hire for real money strong escorts for a difficult battle or quest. Leveling your account is paid hourly and costs an average of 150 rubles per hour. You can find customers in the communities and on the thematic forums of the game itself, large gaming communities such as Goha, or on sites with message boards like Funpay .
    Games also allow you to earn indirectly, for example, by creating your own blog, writing guides, tutorials and tricks. 

    Such a wide variety of ways to make money on the Internet on games does not allow to establish an average payment. Depending on the type of activity and investments, it can range from a few dollars to several thousand dollars a month. 

    Earnings on a captcha

    Services for work:   KolotibabloRuCaptcha2Captcha
    How much you can earn: from 10 rubles per day.


    What you need to start: mail, electronic wallet. 

    During Internet surfing, we are faced with the requirement to select images “with traffic lights”, enter a word from the image or give an answer to how much 1 + 5 will be. This is a captcha. Captcha is needed to block spam requests, register bots and other actions of users and programs that harm the site. 

    Webmasters and advertisers often use in the work of these same bots and spam requests for promotion, statistics and more. So that these algorithms can work seamlessly captcha for them is introduced by ordinary users on the sites indicated in the header, for which they receive a reward. 

    The work comes down to the fact that you are offered to enter a word from the picture or give an answer to a simple question, for which a certain amount is instantly paid.

    On average, from 1 to 7 kopecks are paid for solving one captcha, although there are difficult tasks with up to 30 kopecks. For 1000 inputs, they pay $ 0.6- $ 0.8.

    It’s difficult to solve even 1000 captcha per day. eyes quickly get tired, and monotonous work causes fatigue, so it’s unrealistic to earn decent money on a captcha in the slightest degree. A month usually comes out no more than $ 15-20 with daily hours of work.  

    Nevertheless, the services for entering captcha pay immediately and do not require skills, so with their help many earn extra money to pay for mobile communications or the Internet, unraveling the words from the picture "in the background" - in a minibus, queue, etc. To get started, just register on one of the above services. 

    Teaser advertisement

    Services for work:  SurfEarnerTeaserTeaserFast .  
    How much you can earn: from 10 rubles per month.


    What you need to start: browser, installed extension, electronic wallet. 
    This is the simplest, most “lazy” and, accordingly, the lowest paid type of earnings considered in the article - the user is paid to display advertisements in a browser while surfing the Internet. 

    To get started, just go to one of the above sites and register, after which a link to install the extension for the browser will be available. This plugin will allow you to track the amount of earnings and show those same advertisements (if that, you can disable them). 

    For one impression, they pay 1-2 kopecks. and it rarely comes out to earn more than 1 rub a day, but note that the user does practically nothing - he simply surfs his favorite sites. Of course, there are some drawbacks - teaser ads are often intrusive and include “shock content” to attract attention, so its regular appearance in the browser window over time will begin to annoy. 

    Yandex Toloka

    Services for work:  Yandex.Toloka .  


    How much you can earn: from 70 rubles per day.


    What you need to start: Yandex profile, Yandex.Tolok account. 

    Yandex.Toloka is a special Yandex service created to correct errors and shortcomings in the search algorithm, as well as to replenish the database.

    All participants of the Toloka are some kind of moderators who evaluate relevance, look for similarities in pictures and correct errors in search queries.

    And, of course, they are paid for it. In general, this is a kind of axle boxes aimed only at Yandex maintenance.

    All tasks on Tolok can be divided into several categories: 

    • Work with images - search for differences, flipping, quality assessment;
    • Work with video - assessment of the relevance of the request and the produced video;
    • Work with search queries - the quality of related queries, the assessment of typos;
    • Work with dialogs - an assessment of the quality of dialogs between Alice and users. 

    However, this is only a small part of the available work, so one of the advantages of the service is the variety, you don’t have to click on the banner stupidly, as in axle boxes. The downside is that before performing a new type of building, you will have to undergo training, which can take from several minutes to several hours. 

    Yandex.Tolok has a progressive task payment scale - the higher the rating and skill (depending on the number of completed tasks of a certain type), the more willing to pay. The amount of remuneration starts from $ 0.01 and can go up to $ 0.8. In the reviews, users note that on average per month they earn from $ 20 to $ 50, i.e. approximately $ 1-1.5 per day. And you can earn them in a couple of hours of hard work. 

    The main thing on Tolok is to choose 1-2 types of tasks that you can quickly cope with and that do not tire and knock out money due to the amount of work done.

    Withdrawals are made to Yandex.Money when a threshold of $ 0.5 is reached.

    Earnings on likes, subscriptions and reposts

    Services for work:  LIKEDSmmokVKtarget .  


    How much you can earn: from 50 rubles per day.
    What you need to start: an account on a social network, an electronic wallet.

    Social networks provide great opportunities for making money on the Internet, both for business and ordinary users. The most popular service is the promotion of a page or profile on Facebook, VK, Instagram and Twitter. This promotion is carried out using likes, subscriptions and reposts, so many are willing to pay for these actions. 

    You can like or enter the community in one click, which makes earning in social networks even more attractive. But to get started, you will need:

    • A “live” profile is a profile with a photograph, friends, and at least minimal activity. If you already use any of the above social networks, then your profile is suitable for work, if not, then it will take some time to register and “revive” (add friends and likes) a new page. Services such as Olike, Biglike, TakeFriend and others will help speed up the process;
    • Electronic wallet - platforms for earning usually pay on EPS and most often on WebMoney, therefore we recommend registering a ruble account on this service.

    Next, you need to go to one of the sites indicated in the header and connect your account to the social network. Some platforms work with only one social network, others support multi-account profiles. After connecting, we go to complete the tasks, it can be:

    • Like - pay from 5 to 20 kopecks.
    • Repost - from 20 kopecks to 1 rub.
    • Joining a group / adding to friends - from 30 kopecks. up to 1 rub.

    The amount of remuneration depends on the platform and in this regard LIKED has proven itself well. By the way, the number of tasks per day is usually small, so it’s better to work on several services at once. 

    Payment is charged after verification, which can be either manual (Smmok) or automatic (VKtarget).

    Automatic is preferred because It’s faster and you can’t be denied payment if “something doesn’t like it”.

    But this is not the most important indicator when choosing a site for work. 

    Earnings on cryptocurrency cranes

    Services for work:  BonusBitcoinCoinFaucetAllcoins


    How much you can earn: from 500 rubles per month.


    What you need to start: mail, cryptocurrency wallet or wallet for micropayments. 

    Cranes are special sites that pay users a small amount of cryptocurrency for captcha, click on an advertisement or other simple actions. In some ways, they are similar to tugs, but there are no tasks as such - you are simply offered to click on the button, go through the captcha and get a few satoshi for it. 

    Cryptocurrency cranes are: 

    • Instant - pay the reward immediately to the wallet tied to the profile;
    • Savings - funds can be withdrawn only after reaching a certain threshold or at a specific time (for example, every 2nd Sunday of the month). 

    Cranes are also divided into multicurrency and with reference to a specific cryptocurrency. The former allow you to receive a reward in various currencies, the latter only in one, specific. For registration on the crane, usually only mail is enough.  

    Earn a lot on one tap will not work, because often there is a restriction on the frequency of action (you can pick up a reward every hour or every 15 minutes).

    Usually, the smaller the gap between the stigmas (collection of rewards), the smaller the amount of reward. It is recommended to work simultaneously on several sites to increase earnings. 


    Services for work:  AirdropalertBitcointalkTwitter
    How much you can earn: from a few (tens) dollars for Airdrop.
    What you need to start: a cryptocurrency wallet.

    Airdrop is a free distribution of cryptocurrencies for popularizing a project or for performing certain actions. Drops are carried out in order to attract the attention of users to the new currency, increase its distribution or promote a specific application / service. There are automatic airdrops that distribute new cryptocurrency to holders of an existing one.  

    To make money on Airdrop it is usually enough to fulfill simple conditions (register, start a wallet, download the application). Coins will be sent to your cryptocurrency wallet , then they can be exchanged for another cryptocurrency or immediately for fiat. Well, and if there are prerequisites for further growth, you can wait until the value of the currency and profits increase several times. Airdrops can be tracked on the sites listed above.

    Referral Programs


    Services for work: almost all of the above.


    How much you can earn: no standards.


    What you need to start: mail, e-wallet, basic promotion skills.

    We placed this way of earning on the Internet at the very end, as referral programs are used as an additional source of income on many of the platforms listed above. Referral links and banners offer cryptocurrency taps, axle boxes, captcha services, and even PC games. Good earnings on referrals are offered by trading platforms (AliExpress) or freelance exchanges (Work-zilla), although here it is more about attracting customers than referrals. 

    The essence of earning on referral programs is that you bring a new user to the site / sirs / platform, for which you get a reward in the form of:

    • Fixed amount;
    • Percentage from the purchase of a referral;
    • Lifetime percentage of referral earnings. 

    Referrals are brought through special links and advertising banners, the person to whom the link belongs is a referrer. A link is usually generated for each user automatically and can be found in the service sections associated with the referral program. 

    The main task of the referee is to place a link or banner in such places so that as many users as possible click on it and click on it.

    Typically, referral links are posted on forums, under videos, or in articles. And then everything is simple - you came through your link, for example, a person on CoinFaucet and posted 20 satoshis there, according to the terms of the referral program, the referral receives 50%, i.e. 10 satoshi gets to your referral account actually for his work. 

    Theoretically, you can earn huge amounts of money on referrals - up to several thousand dollars a month, but for this you need to attract thousands and tens of thousands of referrals, and this can hardly be called earnings without investments and skills. However, WMmail users say that $ 1-5 per day is a very real amount.

    We also recommend watching the video below, which contains the TOP 10 ways to make money on the Internet for beginners without experience and without investment: 

    How to make money on the Internet for beginners

    Earnings on the Internet using special knowledge and skills

    Unlike the previous 12 ways to earn money, the following ones require not only time and access to the network, but also some skills / knowledge. And since skilled labor is always in price, we will talk about completely different numbers. 

    Earnings on comments and reviews


    Services for work:  Workzillafl.ruAdvego


    How much you can earn: from 10 rubles per review.


    What you need to start: electronic wallet / card, mail. 

    Did you know that 90% of satisfied customers do not leave positive reviews for a product or seller? However, they are often abundant. Marketers and seoshniki use reviews as a tool for promoting the product, so it’s easier for them to order them than wait for the reaction of customers, which they actually do. 

    The average length of a review is from 250 to 500 characters (rarely more) and pay for it from 10 rubles, depending on the quality and subject matter.

    To write a review or comment special skills and knowledge are not needed - an adequate syllable and at least minimal knowledge of what you write are enough. 

    You can search for customers to write reviews on copywriting exchanges, freelance exchanges or the same boxes. These customers, as a rule, provide detailed requirements about the nature, volume and content of the feedback needed, so abundant creativity is not required.

    In general, even a novice in a day will easily master 10-20 reviews and will be able to earn 100-200 rubles. or more if you can find a generous customer.

    Additionally, the publication service is also paid for - if you are asked not just to write a review and send it in a Word document, but to immediately upload it for a specific product or service. 

    In general, starting with this method, we will talk about various exchanges and work sites, so we recommend that you start getting to know them right now, and we will leave active links whenever possible.

    Earnings on the forums (link building)


    Services for work:  Kworkjob.uaFreelancehunt .  


    How much you can earn: from 15 rubles per publication.


    What you need to start: Ability to use a search engine, e-wallet, mail. 

    Link building is a way to promote a site or page by increasing the number of links leading to this very page. Moreover, the so-called “Natural” links, that is, those that fit seamlessly into the overall content. They are published, as a rule, on thematic forums. 

    Link building can be earned on two levels:

    1. As a performer , here the scheme is very similar to working with reviews, only in the place of reviews you will need to write comments on the forums and insert the necessary links into them. Pay accordingly, i.e. almost the same as for reviews given the more complex publication procedure. 
    2. As a promotion specialist , if you can figure out how backlinks work, you can promote someone else’s resource using link building. Here you will have to analyze the resource itself, determine the forums for publication, and even think through the content of the comments, but the payment is completely different. For an increase in the ranking of issuance, site owners are willing to pay thousands and not always rubles. 

    If you are a specialist in link building, you most likely do not read this article, but beginners should not only find a customer and post 10-20 comments on the forums under the left pages, but also delve into the link building mechanism itself. Over time, you can become a qualified specialist. 

    Paid consultation


    Services for: .


    How much you can earn: from 300 rubles. for the consultation.


    What you need to start: knowledge, ability to explain, electronic wallet.

    When for some reason it is not possible to work independently, you can always teach others how to work. But seriously, consultations on solving specialized technical, legal and practical issues are now in demand since many small enterprises (or entrepreneurs) simply can not afford to maintain a full-time consultant or contact consulting companies. 

    Consultations can be used as the main or additional way to make money on the Internet, in fact a consultation is the sale of your knowledge and you can sell them regardless of the main job. In the first case, it is better to choose a platform for professional consulting, and exchanges or even job search sites are suitable for part-time work.

    The most popular areas of consultation:

    • Law;
    • Adjustment of the site / engine;
    • Marketing;
    • Promotion
    • Finance / accounting;
    • Hard / software consultations for various devices. 

    And this is far from an incomplete list of industries where outsourcing consultations are possible.

    The cost of the consultation starts from 300 rubles. and can reach several thousand, depending on the complexity of the issue and industry.

    In general, consultants with a constant customer base can earn no less than practical experts, the main difficulty is to form this very base. 

    Homework, essays, coursework


    Services for work:  Do LessonsStudlansVsesdal .  
    How much you can earn: up to 20,000 rubles. per month.
    What you need to start: mail, e-wallet, lack of privacy.

    Students and schoolchildren are busy people and do not always find time to write term papers, write information for abstracts or solve examples in algebra. If you have free time and theoretical knowledge that you are not yet able to turn into a practical profession, then you can help very busy students and students. 

    In general, with due diligence, this activity can even be turned into a full-fledged work. Prices for services are approximately the following:

    • Problem solving - from $ 1;
    • Abstract - from $ 10;
    • Coursework - from $ 15;

    Taking into account the time spent - a little, but if you recall that from year to year the topics for term papers and essays do not change, then in a short time you can create a database of works and then use the templates. 

    The heading contains specialized resources where you can find customers for tasks and essays, but advertisements for searching for authors for a term paper or a diploma are often posted on freelance exchanges - especially in the spring, when there are two nights left before the defense. 

    In general, a specialty is not worth learning from scratch, but if you have accumulated knowledge in a certain industry, why not monetize it?

    Earnings on transfers 


    Services for work:  TranzillaProZFreelance.


    How much you can earn: from 250 rubles. per page.


    What you need to start: mail, e-wallet, knowledge of the language.

    We live in a period of globalization and the language barrier is one of its main brakes. Fortunately, translators help minimize its impact. If you speak any foreign language, then you can turn his knowledge not just into a side job, but into a full-fledged income. 

    Transfers are paid per page or for the number of characters or on any other terms agreed upon with the customer. You can find customers both on specialized platforms for translators, and on freelance exchanges (examples in the header). Most often asked to translate:

    • Juristic documents;
    • Technical documentation / instructions;
    • Information and news posts.

    Rarely, there are orders for fiction, however, this is already a category of heavyweights translators with many years of experience. In the header, we indicated the minimum cost of translation - this is how much they usually pay for the translation of an information text from English. Further, the price tag grows depending on:

    • Language - English is the most popular, therefore it is paid cheaper, but if you need a translation from Hebrew or Norwegian, then the prices will be much higher;
    • Topics - technical and legal texts are more expensive than others because require knowledge of professional terminology and some knowledge in the industry itself; 
    • Directions of translation - usually a translation into Russian is cheaper than a translation from Russian into a foreign language. 

    A qualified translator, especially specializing in a particular industry, can earn up to $ 1,000 per month or more. 

    Own blog

    Services for work: own site.
    How much you can earn: up to 80,000 rubles per month.
    What you need to start: hosting, content creation skills, promotion skills. 

    A blog is a rather broad concept, but in this section we will consider it in its classical manifestation - i.e. like a living journal. LJ is an author’s text blog launched on its own host (about third-party sites just below). 

    A text blog, as a rule, reflects the author’s life experience and helps the reader solve certain problems. The direction and specialization of the blog can be very different - from articles on programming in C ++ to a multi-topic site about home, gardening and parenting. A blog can be either one author or several. 

    The blogger receives the main income from advertising (contextual, natural, private), and how much it will cost depends on the number of unique visitors to the site, views and clicks on advertising and conversion.

    In general, the blogging path to success consists of 4 steps:

    1. We determine the theme and make quality content.
    2. We attract readers.
    3. We place advertisements.
    4. Profit

    Investing in a blog directly affects the payback period and exit time "plus". The minimum package is host payment. Promotion, audience growth and content generation occur organically, i.e. the author himself pulls the entire blog.

    The maximum investment is when in addition to the host you need to hire an SEO expert, a webmaster, several copywriters for writing articles and an advertiser. Then the blog is essentially transformed into an enterprise, and its owner is engaged only in organizing the work of all these links (and even then not always). 

    On income - the cap indicates profitability for attendance from 2,000 readers per day and thoughtful promotion.


    Novice bloggers, especially those who love organic growth for the first 6 months, may not receive any income at all, spending all the profits on paying for the host and some promotion. Earnings at the average salary level of $ 300-500 are possible only with 1,000 or more readers per day, and it may take a year or more to organically grow to this level. 

    The most optimal model for the initial stages of work is to generate interesting content (if possible independently) and invest in advertising to increase traffic. 

    Earnings in the photo

    Services for work:  FotoliaPhoto and video applicationFreelancer


    How much you can earn: from 7,000 rubles per month.


    What you need to start: a camera and other equipment, mail, an electronic wallet, retouching skills. 

    The volume of visual content on the network is constantly growing and this trend will only intensify - people are more interested in watching photos and videos than reading text, and even fans of reading do not mind diluting the canvas with interesting images. And most of this visual is provided by photographers, so if you have a camera and direct hands, you don’t have to worry about work. 

    You can earn in the photo in several ways: 

    • Live shooting - classics of the genre, photos from weddings and events, private and commercial photo shoots. The cost of a photo shoot usually starts from 1200-1500 rubles;
    • Portfolio monetization - publishing photos on various stocks, where they will buy at a set cost. On average, you can earn from $ 1 per month on one image, which is good if you have a portfolio of several hundred / thousand cool frames; 
    • Custom photo - a combination of the first and second methods. Often magazines, blogs, commercial sites order photos of a particular object or landscape with instant payment. Everything is simple - take the task, take pictures of what is needed and the customer redeems this photo from you. The cost of such a photo is usually from $ 5, depending on the object of the photo and its complexity;
    • Photo processing - retouching photos of commercial goods or living people can provide a good additional income, especially when you consider that almost all photographers master processing in parallel with the skill of owning a camera. Freelance beginners charge from $ 1 for retouching one image. 

    To make money on the Internet, photo stocks, freelance exchanges (there is the greatest demand for remote photographers) and specialized exchanges for photographers are used. Examples of sites we left in the header. 

    If there is a camera, then you can start work without any investments.

    You will need capital when you want to promote yourself as a pro photographer — create your own website, order advertising, or open a studio.

    The amount of income is indicated for a novice photographer without a stable client base and portfolio, experienced photographers from reviews can earn from $ 1,000 per month. 

    YouTube video blogging


    Services for work:  YouTube .  


    How much you can earn: from $ 2 per 1000 views.


    What you need to start: a camera, an electronic wallet, installation skills.

    35% of network users prefer videos to text and graphic materials, and YouTube is the largest video hosting in the world and allows you to earn money on publications. 

    The most popular video format on YouTube is blogs - the same LJ, but instead of text, people talk to the camera, although the similarity is purely arbitrary.

    The most popular are 3 types of blogs: 

    • Vlogs or life style blogs - if you have an interesting life, you can simply shoot everything that happens to you every day and upload it to YouTube. People like to watch other people's lives, and for this the blog author does not have to be a millionaire or a traveler; 
    • Information blogs - commentary on a legal article, a lesson on soldering a TV remote control or even a church sermon are also published by YouTube. This genre most closely resembles LJ, as reflects the author’s life experience and allows solving a specific problem;
    • Streaming and gaming - although Twitch has moved YouTube a lot in this direction, the streamers with a millionth audience and six-figure annual revenues still remain behind the latter. The recording or stream of passing the game turns out to be no less exciting than vlogs, although they are focused on a narrower audience. 
    To start vlogging, you do not need professional knowledge, and streamers do not even bother with video editing and a good camera - a microphone is enough.

    With so little investment, the potential return on YouTube is impressive:

    • The cost per 1000 commercial views in the ru-segment is on average $ 2 (from $ 0.5 to $ 5). How many views do top videos get? million? More? This is only on commercial views of $ 20,000; 
    • But bloggers get significantly more from sponsors and advertisers. According to Wylsacom, the YouTube affiliate program does not even cover the cost of creating content, and Max 100500 receives from the affiliate no more than 30% of the income (300,000-400,000 rubles), the rest is direct advertisers. 

    To monetize your blog and earn money, you will need at least 100,000-200,000 views on each video ($ 200-400 per affiliate program) and at least several tens of thousands of subscribers to attract direct advertisers.

    How long it takes to reach this level depends on the investment in advertising and the quality of the content itself, but in general YouTube is so competitive that organic growth is almost impossible here. 

    Blogging on other platforms


    Services for work: Blogger , Medium , Instagram ;


    How much you can earn: no standards.


    What you need to start: mail, possibly a camera.

    Blogging is such a broad industry that it would simply be unwise to reduce it to LiveJournal or YouTube. In fact, you can blog on any social network or on specialized blog services. It can be a social network like Instagram or Facebook, a platform like Blogger or even a messenger - Telegram.

    The main difficulty is to adapt the blog format to the platform and interest people who go to the same Telegram not to read blogs at all.

    The methods of monetization and earnings differ from platform to platform, for example: 

    • Instagram - blogs are presented here mainly in the format of short videos and photos, where the platform itself does not insert ads. The main income of a blogger comes from direct advertisers i.e. promoting a specific brand or product; 
    • Blogger, Medium and other LJ services allow you to monetize your blog through contextual advertising, however, they pay a little for it. Therefore, sites are used more often to promote third-party resources of the same author than to earn money. And if a blogger started on Medium, then when forming a permanent audience, he will simply transfer the blog to a separate site;
    • The Telegram is usually carried out highly specialized blogs whose authors are often practitioners. They either look for new customers through the channel, or monetize it by subscribing, if the information is really valuable. But most often in messengers they work with direct advertisers, though in narrow niches too. 

    The advantage of blogging on the platform is that you do not need to invest in the development and promotion of the site and think about technical problems like hosting. In addition, if people still need to be caught up on the site from somewhere, then in the same Instagram, the blogger gets a ready-made social community of millions of users and attracting them is much easier than looking for an abstract reader on the Internet. 

    Remote work and freelance 

    Services for work: Upwork, Freelancer, Fiver


    How much you can earn: from 20,000 rubles per month.


    What you need to start: mail, e-wallet, skills. 

    A freelancer is a skilled (or almost) employee who differs from an office employee only in that he does the work at home, sitting in an armchair and sipping coffee from his favorite mug.

    Freelance is a work format in which you decide what to do, who to work for, how much time to spend on it and how much money to ask. The status is similar to the status of a self-employed person. 

    Typically, freelancers make money on the freelance exchanges mentioned above, but theoretically you can not stop there by looking for customers through other channels (social networks, forums, a business card website, etc.). Freelance people usually work, the specifics of which does not require a mandatory stay in the office.

    Freelancers of the following specialties are most in demand:

    • Web mastering and site support; 
    • SEO | SMM promotion;
    • Web design;
    • Contextual and targeted advertising;
    • Programming;
    • Graphic design and layout;
    • Copywriting and rewriting;
    • Translations.

    These professions are directly related to the creation, development and promotion of Internet resources and therefore provide great opportunities for remote cooperation. 

    The amount of income indicated in the header is rather conditional since on freelance exchanges, as well as on the labor market, payment of work depends primarily on specialization, qualifications of the contractor and the complexity of the job.

    However, even copywriters and translators (on the exchanges this is one of the lowest paid professions) can earn per month from $ 300 or more with a 4-5 hour working day and good orders. 

    If you are a retired graduate, you are tired of an office routine with a fixed salary or if you want to learn a new specialty - you should take a closer look at freelance. 

    Sale of goods of own production


    Services for work:  AvitoYoulaPromOLXInstagram .


    How much you can earn: no standards.


    What you need to start: an electronic wallet and a bank card, a production base, possibly the status of individual entrepreneurs. 

    If your hands grow from the right place, then you will never stay hungry - the good old handicraft is still relevant and can even be said to be experiencing a renaissance.

    Goods with the prefix craft, organik and handmade are valued more than mass factory production, which allows their creators to regain their competitiveness in the fight against mass manufacturers and make good money.

    e-commerce helps even the smallest tailor to open their own online store. 

    The greatest demand among hand-made goods is:

    • Leather products; 
    • Wooden products and furniture;
    • Artistic forging;
    • Accessories and jewelry made from natural materials; 
    • Clothing made from natural fabrics or “on order”. 

    If you know how to do one of the above, then you should think about how to monetize your skills, sell products online and make money in this way. Modern artisans have at least three distribution channels:

    • Social networks and platforms - Instagram, Facebook and even VK are good platforms for e-commerce, here you can easily create a commercial account and even promote it inside the network itself;
    • Marketplaces and message boards - if you have IP status, you can open the page on the marketplace - Prom or Rozetka will allow you to sell your own product when a number of requirements are met and you do not need to invest in brand promotion. Avito bulletin boards are suitable for additional customer engagement.
    • Own site - it can be either a full-fledged store, or a portfolio site or business card with an example of work and contact details. The advantage of your own page is that it allows you not only to attract customers and sell products, but also to popularize the brand. 

    The choice of a distribution channel depends on the scale of production and the specifics and cost of products, but in any case it is recommended to combine several tools to form a customer base and obtain a constant stream of orders. 

    Resale of goods

    Services for work: social networks, own website, marketplaces.
    How much you can earn: no standards.
    What you need to start: IP status (very desirable), an electronic wallet and a bank card, capital. 

    The resale of goods partially overlaps with the sale of their own products, although the seller makes a profit only on the difference in the purchase and sale prices of the goods, so large volumes of sales are required to reach good income.

    Reaching them without advancement, business skills and financial investments is almost impossible, so resale is one of the most difficult types of earnings on the Internet. 

    Resale can be done in two main models: 

    1. Independent trade - the sale of goods is carried out through your own store / page on your behalf. This model provides ample opportunity for setting margins, but due to the competitiveness of the sector and a high entry threshold, not everyone can afford a store. In addition, you can not do without the promotion and promotion of brands.
    2. Dropshipping is the sale of someone else’s product on its own behalf. That is, the seller is essentially an intermediary between the owner of the product and the buyer. You do not invest in a product and receive a reward in a fixed amount (usually a percentage of the cost) for each product purchased through you. Dropshipping trades are usually conducted through storefront sites, i.e. you only have to have an online store or a page through which customers will place orders. Further, information about orders is transmitted to the dropshipper, and he already sends the goods to the customer, listing you the percentage. 

    And the first and second model has its pros and cons, but one way or another you will have to open your own online store and spin it up, and this is time, money and risk. In general, everything, as always, is the most money where the most difficult and risky job is. 

    Rating of ways to make money on the Internet for payment

    Let's be honest - to make an objective rating of ways to earn money in an environment where there is no fixed wage is not easy, especially if the assessment of profitability is carried out according to different criteria. When reading the table below, consider:

    • The rating is based on profitability growth - marginal directions at the top; 
    • Ways with high potential (ceiling income) are located closer to the bottom;
    • Activities without profitability standards are moved to the very bottom of the rating.

    Making money on the Internet without cheating

    Anonymity, remoteness and no responsibility is what many people love the Internet for and what no less people hate and fear it for. These factors also make online earnings more risky and increase the risk of running into scammers and just unscrupulous people. The most common risk groups for freelancers and Internet workers: 

    Scam site

    This is true for bucks, cranes, referral programs, captcha services and other ways of earning, where the site pays a reward.

    We left links to verified and safe links, but when searching for sites for work on your own, you can run into "left" sites that may not pay a reward, ban you, or infinitely raise your withdrawal threshold.

    To filter fraudulent resources, use Trust on the Web or the good old Otzovik . Remember to browse the forums for reviews. 

    Dishonest customer

    The headache of all freelancers, otzoviks, consultants and generally all people working on freelance exchanges. The internal rating and reviews on the exchange itself helps to protect itself from scammers and “scammers” - be sure to study them before starting cooperation, as well as designing projects through the exchange (which many do not because of the commission).

    And yet, if you were thrown, the moderator will certainly ban the customer, but if there is a controversial situation (for example, you don’t like the quality of order fulfillment), do not rely too much on the help of the exchange.

    The site works on the principle of “who pays is right”, and it is your customer who pays, so coordinate all the requirements and project details in advance. 

    Unscrupulous Freelancer

    But on the other hand. You can order text for a blog on the exchange or arrange a project for translation of the text, and the contractor, having received an advance, simply disappears or tries to cram the text from another site or just break the deadlines (the eternal illness of freelancers). In this, the only good news is that the exchange is usually on the customer side, but this is not enough.

    In order not to get poorly done work, you need to delve into the topic yourself or hire a person who can control the quality of the work.

    Pseudo promotion

    This is already the concern of bloggers on almost all platforms and owners of online stores. Often they order SEO-promotion or marketing services from unverified firms and specialists (freelancers are also unscrupulous) in the end they receive neither conversion nor sales. Sometimes it’s a trivial, unskilled advertiser, and sometimes a company can deliberately slow down its achievement in order to get more money.

    These are standard risks in e-commerce, but when you work with people not live, but online, then it may turn out that there’s no one to ask. Treatment - we monitor the reputation, term of work, completed projects and the maiden name of the mother of the owner of the company, in general, any available information. 

    Dishonest buyer

    Everyone remembers the scheme for the return of money for parcels from AliExpress? So, in order not to be in the seller’s place with AliExpress, send parcels only with those services that allow you to track the location or at least the moment the parcel arrives.

    Also provide customers with the most detailed technical specifications and product photos so that you can’t be blamed for the discrepancy between the picture and the real thing. 

    You can learn more risks and ways to protect yourself from them by studying the way you like to earn money in more detail. We believe in fair and transparent conditions for Internet work and we hope that you will not click on the captcha on the very first website with a bright logo or take on a project with an incredibly high fee. 

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