Polkadot core network launched

    Запуск Polkadot
    Launch of Polkadot

    Web3 Foundation announced the launch of the Polkadot project miner, which uses sharding and aims to provide interaction between various blockchains .

    Polkadot ICO passed in 2017 and raised $ 145 million, but there was not enough money and in 2019, due to the second token sale, it was possible to increase the project capitalization to $ 1.2 billion. Between investors and developers entered into SAFT contracts, now they have to vote on the issue and distribution of tokens.

    The project is led by Gavin Wood, who is co-founder of Ethereum and head of Parity Technologies. At the moment, the Polkadot network is centralized and the Web3 Foundation is responsible for the consensus, but in the future it is planned to make it completely decentralized.

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