Soldex is the first decentralized AI exchange on the Solana blockchain


    The crypto market is growing rapidly, which encourages developers to create new products for a more user-friendly and innovative ecosystem. For the past few years, DEX has occupied a separate place in the cryptoeconomics, they are also decentralized exchanges that allow you to trade anonymously without the need to trust your funds to centralized platforms. 

    Solana, which is currently in the TOP 10 best coins by capitalization , is one of the most popular blockchains for launching decentralized exchanges. According to CoinMarketCap , the coin is showing exponential growth throughout 2021:

    Solana Chart Throughout History
    Solana Chart Throughout History

    At its high, the SOL price reached $ 215 as a result of a pump in early September 2021. And based on the current schedule and the general market situation, the coin has a high probability of flying away "native" within a few months.

    However, not only the prospect of the coin's growth in the near future attracts DEX developers, but also the high throughput of the Solana network, which is around 50,000 transactions per second, and also offers low fees.  

    One such exchange is Soldex, which intends to become the leading DEX on Solana, and which we will discuss in detail in this article.

    What is Soldex

    Soldex DEX
    Soldex DEX

    Soldex is a third generation decentralized exchange based on Solana, whose mission is to solve the pressing problems of centralized platforms, in particular liquidity for order execution and safe storage of funds. 

    Soldex operates on an innovative protocol that has proven highly effective in today's volatile markets. The protocol is the basic level for settlements, storage, liquidity, and market making. 

    Soldex official website 

    AI trading Soldex

    AI trading on Soldex
    AI trading on Soldex

    One of the unique features of the Soldex exchange is artificial intelligence algorithms. It makes it an attractive tool for novice traders. AI trading from Soldex involves the use of bots that have the following key functions:

    • Market data analysis.
    • Risk prediction.
    • Buying and selling assets. 

    Thanks to this, traders can trade 24 hours a day, even while sleeping:

    “AI is what makes us virtually survive, every minute, every second, and every mouse click is done using an artificial intelligence-based protocol. will help you better understand the impact of AI on the exchange. "

    Unlike other automated trading platforms, Soldex does not offer paid bots - they are built into the platform and each user can customize them according to their own strategy. At the same time, artificial intelligence controls the risks and allows you to secure the deposit.   

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    Developers aim to be the first DEX powered by machine intelligence. This is what sets Soldex apart from other decentralized exchanges. According to the founders, this approach is the next step in the development of the DeFi sphere:

    "Combining Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain is the Next Frontier in Defi."

    Soldex advantages 

    Trading on Soldex
    Trading on Soldex

    And if we compare Soldex with centralized exchanges, then the first one definitely has a number of significant advantages:

    • AI-assisted automated trading.
    • Real-time settlements and instant swaps.
    • Complete transparency.
    • Easy customization.
    • Low fees.
    • A team of specialists and experts. 

    The Solana blockchain provides a significant part of these advantages, as it allows Soldex to process transactions at a speed of 50,000 transactions per second and charge a fee of less than $ 0.00001 per payment (for comparison: on the Ethereum network, the commission is at least a few dollars per transaction). 

    In addition, the Solana blockchain is completely anonymous. As the creators of Soldex noted:

    “With Soldex, which is built on the Solana blockchain, you never have to worry about having to disclose personal information. Your privacy is protected as is your money. " 

    Another plus in the "piggy bank" of Soldex - since October 2021, the project has officially entered the ecosystem of the Solana cryptocurrency.

    SOLX Token 

    SOLX Token
    SOLX Token

    SOLX is the native token of the Soldex exchange. It plays an important role in the ecosystem of the exchange, as it performs several important functions at once:

    • The right to vote on changes to the minutes.
    • Payment of trading commissions.
    • Support for AI bots.
    • Earnings on staking. 

    In the future, after token sales, there will be two options for getting SOLX:

    • Buy a token in the Soldex dApp application.
    • Publish an order to buy or sell a pair of cryptocurrencies accepted on the exchange, for which the user will receive SOLX as a reward.   
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    Solana network fees
    Solana network fees

    Low fees are one of the biggest advantages of Soldex thanks to the Solana blockchain. At the moment, the commission on the Solana network is about $ 0.00025, and on Ethereum - about $ 40.

    Soldex will have two types of fees: for trading on the platform and for conducting transactions. 

    Soldex commissions:

    • Exchange commission (swaps) - 0.25%
    • Market taker commission - 0.125%
    • Market maker commission - 0.125%

    The commission for transactions is 1% of the total amount of the transferred SOLX tokens. At the same time, users have the opportunity to earn on commissions by participating in staking, since the distribution of fees is as follows:

    • Liquidity pools - 50%;
    • For the development of the platform, i.e. for the development of the platform - 30%;
    • "Burning" - 20%.

    Thanks to the "burning", the value of the SOLX token increases, which benefits all cryptocurrency holders.   

    Tokensale SOLX 

    Distribution of tokens
    Distribution of tokens

    The total supply of SOLX at the moment is 500,000,000 coins. The SOLX token distribution looks like this:

    • Private sale - 30%
    • Liquidity pools - 14%
    • Platform development - 20%
    • AI bots and incentives - 15%
    • Team - 10%
    • Open sale - 5%
    • Advisors - 5%. 
    • Investment rounds - 1%

    The first private round of the token sale took place in August this year. At this stage, the developers have sold half of the issued tokens and increased their investment capital by 200%. At the same time invested in the project known billionaire Evan Loutra (Evan Luthra), which has become the main investor and advisor SOLX.

    Also, the second round of the private token sale has already been announced, in which the price will rise from $ 0.06 to $ 0.08. The creators attributed this to high demand and a desire to increase the coin's growth potential.

    Everyone can participate in the token sale. To do this, you need to click on the "SOLX PRIVATE SALE" button and send an email to the developers. 

    For all questions, you can write to the Russian-language Telegram chat: . 

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    The public sale will be carried out in the form of an IDO (Initial DEX Offering, initial decentralized offer), which is scheduled for December 10-15, since it is on these days that SOLX will be listed on the exchanges. This suggests that users who participate in the private sale will benefit from the very first day of listing.   

    "Road map" 

    Soldex road map
    Soldex road map

    According to the announced roadmap, a full-fledged platform with working AI bots will be launched in mid to late 2022. In general, the team's plans look like this:

    II - III quarter of 2021:

    • Marketing and brand awareness.
    • Public IEO .
    • Collaboration with the Solana Foundation. 
    • Launch of support for Solana smart contracts .

    All of the above points have already been completed, with the exception of IEO, which was replaced by IDO. 

    III quarter of 2021 - I quarter of 2022:

    • Launching swaps.
    • A beta version of the Soldex AI prototype. 
    • Launching liquidity pools.
    • Listing on the largest exchanges. 
    • Launch of the Soldex Academy.

    I-IV quarter of 2022:

    • Final release of AI trading bots.
    • Launch of "shadow" AI trading.
    • Launch of the final version of the Soldex AI protocol.  

    SOLDEX Academy and Community Building

    SOLDEX Academy
    SOLDEX Academy

    One of the most important steps in the development of the project's ecosystem is the creation of the SOLDEX Academy. This resource should become a knowledge base for users and developers in the Solana ecosystem, so that everyone can learn how to use DeFi services.  

    SOLDEX Academy tasks:

    • Explanation of DeFi technology, and in particular Solana, in simple language for beginners;
    • Solana beginner developer training;
    • Cooperative learning;
    • “Showcase” of projects created by the community;
    • Building a large and influential community.   
    In addition to the academy, the developers plan to create development tools. 

    The global goal of the project is to create a strong community around the Solana blockchain, where Soldex will become the main platform for the exchange of tokens . At the moment, this place is free. In Ethereum have Uniswap , on Binance Smart Chain - PancakeSwap. So why doesn't Soldex become the leader on Solana?

    The project has every chance to do this, and users have to support the project at an early stage, while it is possible. 

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