Study: since the last halving, the main indicators of the Bitcoin network have grown significantly

    Сеть биткоин
    Bitcoin network

    Glassnode analytic service told how the performance of the Bitcoin network has increased since the last halving in 2016:

    The evolution took place in many directions:

    • The number of bitcoin addresses has grown by 234% and currently stands at about 30 million;
    • The decentralization of the network increased: the number of addresses from 0.1 BTC increased by 64%, from 1 BTC - by 142%, while the number of addresses from 1000 BTC decreased by 7%;
    • The number of transactions increased by 44%, and the volume of funds transferred - by 682%;
    • The hashrate showed an impressive increase of 6837% - from 1.57 EH / s to 109.03 EH / s.

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