Study: the cost of mining BTC is $ 7,100

    Майнинг BTC
    Mining BTC

    Ceteris Paribus did not believe in the report of mining company Hut 8 and the declared cost of Bitcoin mining at $ 4,363 According to their information, a number of indicators were not taken into account.

    Canadian mining company Hut 8 published a report indicating the cost of mining bitcoin at $ 4,363 and announced revenue of $ 14.7 million for the III quarter of 2019.

    Analysts from Ceteris Paribus studied this report and concluded that the company did not take into account a number of important parameters, including depreciation expenses for worn-out equipment. Due to the fact that the service life of the ASIC miner is about 2 years, the cost of updating the equipment and paying for the work on its replacement should be included in the cost. Based on these costs, the current production price of 1 BTC is approximately $ 7,100.

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