TON Blockchain Launch Scheduled April 28


    Media, citing anonymous investors, reported on the Telegram team's plans to launch the TON blockchain platform on April 28. But that did not happen.

    It is noted that Telegram representatives keep in touch with investors on specific questions about the launch dates and their actions regarding the injunction against the release of Gram cryptocurrency, they are reluctant and often incomprehensible. It was expected that the launch will occur on April 28 in any case, but it did not take place and the reasons for this are unknown.

    Recall that there were rumors of Pavel Durov’s intention to return the money to American investors, and then launch the blockchain. But this will still be considered a violation of the judgment.

    Also, developers of applications for the TON platform announced plans to launch the blockchain on their own if Telegram does not. This information was reported by TON Labs, which developed the TON OS operating system for this ecosystem.

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